Christmas Wallpaper

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The holidays are upon us once again (why does this always take you by surprise? Every year, it seems like the time between August and December just disappears) and I’ve been out hunting for unusual Christmas wall decor.

While most of us enjoy decorating our homes for the festivities, putting up wallpaper just for one holiday may seem a bit excessive. Few people want to live with a Merry Christmas wallpaper year round. Not to worry – some of my finds can be easily removed and re-used, and others are not something you can’t enjoy the rest of the year (no Santas on the living room wall in the middle of June).

Gingerbread Cookies

First out is “Dofttapet 1 & 2” wallpaper by Swedish designer Helene Billgren. In Sweden, gingerbread cookies are closely associated with all the holiday events in December – Advent, St. Lucia and Christmas itself. They are traditionally served with glögg (mulled wine) and an old tradition is to put a cookie in the palm of your hand and “knock” on it with the knuckles of the other hand. If it breaks in 3 pieces, you’re in luck and can make a wish while eating the cookie. The name of this wallpaper means “scent wallpaper” but it has no scent – Helena’s theory is that the memories of eating gingerbread cookies will conjure up the scent for you.

Photos: your wallpaper

Tree Sticker

The vinyl wall art Christmas tree decal by artist Fred Tomaselli is perfect for those with limited space, and those who prefer to not having to vacuum needles every day for a month. It has 4 “extra” sticker ornaments, a colorful star, and is removable. It can be attached directly to the wall, or even easier, just pin it up with the backing still on.

Photos: Artware Editions


I’m not a huge fan of winter, but around Christmas, I want snow. However, where I live, that doesn’t always happen (it shows up in January and lasts through April instead – thanks a lot, snow) and it is a bit of a downer looking out the window on Christmas and only see bare branches and rainy streets. The solution? Wall murals. As with nature wallpaper, you can get any winter wonderland view you want, but what’s even better, the Smartstick murals from Murals Your Way stick to almost any surface (including windows) and they are reusable. Choose from photos, illustrations, or have your own artwork turned into a mural.

Photos: Murals your way

DIY Advent calendar

Another cute Christmas wallpaper (or anytime, really), this one comes from Swedish design team Elisabeth Månsson and Peter Turkalj. The ” Peek a boo” is a 3D wallpaper with the illusion of open doors, and it’s up to your imagination what lies behind them. How is this an advent calendar? Just get some removable number wall art stickers and put on each door. It is perhaps best suited for adults, since kids will be disappointed that they can’t open the doors and find something behind them.

Photos: your wallpaper

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