Interesting Wall Lamp Designs

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Wall lamps definitely fall under the category “functional wall decor”, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain and boring (as we saw in my wall sconces post). Thanks to creative designers all over the world, there are tons of fun, unique, innovative and gorgeous lamps to choose from.

Here are some of my favorite recent finds:

The Wrong Spun Light

It’s Wrong, but it’s so right! The Spun Light by award-winning British designer Sebastian Wrong (love that name!) comes in several versions, and this one, from Flos Soft Architecture collection seems to grow out of the wall. It is made from a lightweight composite material and sits right in the plasterboard.

Photos: Flos Soft Architecture

The Motorlight

This adjustable wall lamp design by Jake Dyson allows you to turn it into pretty much what you want it to be. In my opinion, the lights themselves are not all that esthetically pleasing, but the illuminations they create are just stunning. They have motorized shutters, which automatically close and open to change the look of the light (very smoothly too, no sudden headache-inducing shifts). You can put up just one or several and make your own design, choose the beam angle and brightness, and the remote allows you to control up to 30 lights at a time, either separately or together as a group.

Photos: Jake Dyson

Steel Dandelion

This pointy light by London-based artist Georgiosi Ignatiou is made from brown screws with the sharp ends facing out, which makes me kind of nervous. But it’s very pretty to look at, and (thankfully) only a prototype. For more sharp art (pun totally intended), also see my Nails Art post.

Photos: Georgiosi


I have written before about my love for Dutch design (see the gorgeous lamps in the baby nursery decor post), and here is another example that does not disappoint. The plug in wall lamp “Boeklampen” from Bom Design is made from old books (all their creations are made from recycled materials) and comes in several different designs (both pendant and wall).

Photos: Bom Design

Poppy Lüster

This modern take on the swing arm wall lamp from German company Serien has a very interesting design twist – it emulates a flower. When you turn the light on and the lamp starts warming up, the “petals” on the lights open. It comes in several different versions: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lights (and a ceiling design too), in red, dark purple, black or white, and you can move the fabric-covered metal arms (which come in beige or black) any way you want to create different looks and light effects.

Photos: Serien

For more, check out my Classic & Contemporary Wall Lights post.


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