Create A Summer Room With Outdoor Fabric

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The days are getting longer, the trees greener and the temperatures are not only bearable but actually enjoyable again – it’s time to start getting the deck, porch or patio ready for long, lazy summer lunches and evenings with friends.

Most of us put out a few chairs, a table and often a grill. Which is fine of course, but I love outdoor spaces that feel like indoor rooms, like you have moved your living room outdoors. But how do you create that feel? By adding the same types of items you have indoors, and especially fabric. Using upholstery fabric, rugs, pillows and curtains in your outdoor living space takes it to a whole new level. A rug can help define and separate an area, for example dining from lounging. Pillows bring coziness and comfort and are great for adding pops of colors, and curtains provide privacy, shade, bug protection, and can act as breezy outdoor walls.

There is lots of eye candy in this post – great decorating examples for inspiration (click on the images to see them larger). Imagine how different each of these spaces would have looked without the curtains, pillows, shades, etc. They wouldn’t have been half as cozy. Even just a fabric shade can make a difference.

Photos: Domino Magazine

Outdoor fabric has come a long way and these days, you can find lots of designs that are water, sun and mildew resistant (although they are not waterproof unless there is vinyl involved somehow, either as a backing or in between fabric layers, but I have to confess that I am not a big fan of vinyl). The fabrics are chemically treated in order to stand up to the elements, and common types include solution dyed acrylic, acrylic-coated polyester, and cotton-polyester blends.

Photos via Ada & Darcy

Sheers, like polyester muslin or acrylic is great as curtain fabric (Sunbrella’s “Mist” is one example), canvas outdoor fabric is perfect for upholstery, and there is also indoor outdoor fabric that can be used anywhere.

Photos: House to Home & Decorpad

Photos: pinterest & Journal des Femmes

I know this isn’t technically wall decor, but I was so enamored with these pictures that I had to share them. I hope I have provided some inspiration for you – they are definitely all going on my idea board.


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