Romantic Quotes For Bedroom Walls

Letters and words continue to be popular as wall decor, and by now, you can find pretty much any popular saying already made (no need for custom orders), regardless of whether it is a line from a movie for a media room, a children’s rhyme for a nursery or Emeril’s “bam!” for the kitchen.

But, with spring (and consequently romance) in the air, I thought we would concentrate on romantic quotes today. I would personally put these in bedrooms, but I guess a living room or bathroom would work too.

Romantic Quotes On Love

First out are a few traditional pre-made vinyl wall quotes (all are removable, but neither is reusable).

1. Trading Phrases
2. Enchanting Quotes
3. Vinylsay

Customizable Wall Stickers

At Dezign with a Z, you can create your own quotes and they have lots of options. I really like the interactive customization feature where you can choose font, size, color and even change the color of the preview wall to one that’s similar to your wall color. And their designs can be made of reusable material upon request. Here are a few examples of a quote I played around with a bit:

Photos: Dezign with a Z

Pages From Favorite Books

The quotes do not necessarily have to be adhesive wall quotes. Why not frame a series of pages from your favorite romantic books? Classics like Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing or any of Jane Austen’s books are filled with great lines, and you can find beautiful old editions, some illustrated. If you don’t want to rip a book apart, scan or copy the text and print it yourself. That way you can also change the font, add embellishments (like drop caps), and choose any paper color you like. Many of the old classics are now also available for free download online, so that’s another option. Although in my opinion, nothing beats the actual old book.

Greeting Cards

Save Valentine’s Days cards (or any other cards with love and romantic quotes) and either make a collage or as above with the book pages, frame each individually and make an art wall.

1. Local Wisdom Cards (Etsy)
2. Unknown
3. Neat Things (Etsy)


If you don’t mind adding paint to your walls, stencils are another good option. The final result will look like vinyl wall art, but it’s permanent. Words2paint have readymade stencils with sayings like these:

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairy Tale”

“Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit”

and you get to choose the font and letter size.

At Stencil Ease, they custom make the (reusable) stencils for you. Just type in your word/quote, select a font, letter height and length and stencil material (from indoor wall stencils to huge exterior industrial-strength ones). Here are three versions I made:

Images: Stencil Ease

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