6 Fun Wall Art Stickers

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Our motto here at WDS is “nobody likes staring at a blank wall” and that rings true for most people. However, there are times when you want to jazz up the wall decor, or create a new look but don’t want to bother with wallpaper, spend a weekend painting, or damage your walls with nails and hooks.

The solution is vinyl wall decals. Used in Europe for a long time, they are getting more and more popular here in the US too, and there is an endless supply of designs to choose from.

Applying vinyl wall art stickers is super easy. Most come with a paper backing and a clear vinyl cover, and all you do is peel of the backing, place the design on the wall, rub over the design with a squeegee or credit card and carefully peel of the clear vinyl. If you notice parts of the design coming off the wall with the vinyl, just put it back and rub some more.

Taking them off is equally simple. You can just peel them off, but to be on the safe side, we always use a hair dryer to soften up the adhesive a bit, and then peel them off. So easy, and there is no damage to the walls whatsoever. Note: do read the FAQs for the brand you’re buying – some are not recommended for certain paints and surfaces.

As usual, here are some favorite finds:


There are a million kids wall art stickers on the market, and you can find everything from Disney to dragons and fantasy landscapes. I personally like a bit of hipness even in children’s rooms, and the Babushka from British company nono is perfect. You can use one or all of them, and arrange them any way you want. So cute! (For more from nono, also see my Blue Wallpaper post).

Photo: nono

Reflective Decals

The reflective wall decals from Walltats are fabulous – art and wall mirrors all at the same time. I like all of them, but I think these are my favorites:

Photo: Walltats

Bring In The Outdoors

If you want a touch of Scandinavian forest in your room, try these cute birch decals from Ferm Living (for more from Ferm, check out their “Forest Flower” on my Nature Wallpaper Designs post, their adorable wooden shelves, and their fall 2011 wall art and decor collection ).

Photo: Ferm Living

Functional Too!

I know I said these were great when you don’t want to put nails or hooks in your walls, and you don’t have to with this coat hanger, but adding one certainly makes for a fun look. From French design team 5.5 Designers, this wall sticker comes with several different clothing item stickers as well (a tie, bra, shoe), which you can add or leave out according to preference. For more functional stickers, check out my latest vinyl wall art and the kitchen clocks posts. For more hooks, see my creative coat hook post.

Photo: 5.5 Designers

Dream Train

Last, but not least, this adorable “Baby Dreams Train” from Couture Deco comes in tons of colors, and I think it is the perfect baby nursery decor.

Photo: Couture Deco

For more great stickers, see my Decals post. For some great wall letter finds, check out my wall quotes and romantic quotes posts, and don’t miss the christmas tree sticker in the Christmas wallpaper post.


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