Fabulous And Functional Vinyl Wall Art

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When vinyl wall art decals first appeared on the market, they were an instant hit, and the popularity just continues to grow. New designs are popping up on a regular basis, and you can find everything from cute to very clever to rather disturbing – how about a huge sticker from the Shining, or a gigantic skull? Not my cup of tea, but…

If you have been following this blog, you know I love wall decor that also fills some sort of function, and in today’s post, I am featuring six fabulous vinyl wall art decal designs that do double duty (for more, check out the coat hanger and mirror in my previous wall art stickers post)

DIY Chair

First out is this ingenious idea from German-born designer Florian Kremb. You stick the back of the chair on the wall, and then build your seat in front. Perfect for those of us who can’t bear to throw magazines out. I have found that this works especially well with big and heavy magazines, like Vogue, Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living, or with oversized coffee table books (or phone books, but they’re not the prettiest).

Photos: Amplifier (photography by Patrick Bentley)


Awesome periodic table typeface wall sticker designed by Camdon Wilde. The table consists of the 100 most popular fonts used today, and each little cell shows you a few examples of the font and tells you the font’s ranking, who designed it, and when. It also comes in a Spanish version.

Photos: Scribble on Everything


Frame stickers is not a particularly new invention, but they are always useful when you don’t want to put a nail in the wall (or have walls that won’t hold anything). I especially like these from French designer Inga Sempé with a slight trompe-l’œil effect. The thin frames and all white color scheme also make them look more like real frames and less like obvious stickers (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

Photos: Form & Function

For another fun alternative frame solution, check out Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpaper in my Cool Wall Decor From Sweden & Norway post.


Such a creative idea! This kit comes with a whole bunch of different decals (and a clock mechanism) so you can create an endless variety of wall clocks. Or make one clock and then a separate collage with the leftover pieces.

Photos: Artstick

Invention Timeline

Useful and entertaining for kids and adults alike, the timeline by British Hu2 Design tells you when things like windmills, candles, compasses etc. were invented. This one is functional in the sense that you learn something from it. For more from Hu2, see my Decals post.

Photos: Hu2 Design


This adorable framed chalkboard from Wallies is one big decal that works just like a regular chalkboard. Perfect for the kitchen, and if you put a coat of magnetic paint on the wall behind it, you can add magnets and attach photos, favorite wine labels, and other fun things.

Photo: Wallies

Also check out the Christmas tree decal in my Christmas wallpaper post.


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