Cool Wall Decor From Sweden & Norway

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There is always new, exciting design coming from Scandinavia, ranging from ultra-modern, super-sparse, understated and totally white interiors to fun, colorful, crazy and wacky furniture and accessories. Some may teeter on the edge of tacky, but most of the time, they are items with style and flair.

And so many are timeless – just look at these classic examples of Scandinavian design:

– the 1956 Saarinen tulip chair and round dining table (I had a small table just like that for my Barbies in the 70s!)

– the wood and steel fruit bowl by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner (1956)

– the Light 102 B by LE Klint (1954)

– and the Jettson66 chair by Swedish designer Bruno Mathsson (1966)

They all look as fabulous today as they did back then.

Photos 1 &2: Knoll

Photos 2, 3 & 4: Danish Design

But what’s happening in Scandinavia today? Lots! Here are some of my favorite recent Swedish modern wall decor finds:

1. Wallpaper “The Family” by Lisa Bengtsson

How cute is this?! And what a great idea! I always hesitate to put nails in the walls, and this way, you can get a whole wall of framed art with the help of just some poster tape! Or, if you don’t want to glue it to the wall, hang a panel or two from a wire, like in the picture here. And don’t limit your decorations to just photos, mix it up! Add souvenirs from your travels, ticket stubs, favorite sayings, etc. And if you don’t mind a nail or two through the wallpaper, attach a hook here and there to hang jewelry or memorabilia. (For more from Lisa, see my post about dachshunds and her “Edith” nature wallpaper).

Photos: Studio Lisa Bengtsson

2 .Wall Light “Moo” by Trond Svendgård & Ove Rogne

This is definitely one of the most offbeat wall decorations I have come across lately: a white sparkling poly-resin wall sconce in the shape of a moose head. The designers, Trond and Ove (Trond, by the way, is also a professional chef), found the inspiration for this lamp in the northern parts of Norway, and they say “we hope Moo will stand out as a post-modern kitsch trophy, making the viewer smile happily as they recognize this king of the Norwegian forest”. It seems to be working. I’m smiling. 🙂

Photo: Scandinavian Design Center

3. Sound-Absorbing Art by Maria Liv

These wall panels by designer Maria Liv are not only works of art, they are soft, eco-friendly, and non-allergenic. Made from recycled plastic bottles, polyester and wool, they attach to the wall with the help of two oak brackets. One side of each panel is white, the other has stripes, and thanks to the wall brackets, it’s easy to turn them when you want to change the look of the room. They help cut down on echo and unpleasant frequencies of noise, which creates a much clearer sound space for music and movies, etc. And if they get dusty, you can just vacuum them.

Photos: MariaLiv

4. Kitchen Wall Decor: Tile Stickers by Lotta Kühlhorn

So retro, so cute, and so right now! These colorful shapes remind me of my Grandmother’s kitchen (and the kitchens of my friends’ grandmothers) – it seemed that nobody had a blank wall of tiles in a Swedish kitchen in the 70s. Lotta started designing her “retro Swedish” book covers and products in the 1980s and has since designed for many large Swedish companies (IKEA being one of them).

Photo: Lotta Kühlhorn

5. Cable Decoration “Bird”

Perfect for those unsightly cables that you can’t hide. This kit, which comes with 12 leaves and a red bird, turns it into a conversation piece instead of an eyesore.

Photo: Designtorget

For more awesome Scandinavian design, check out my Unusual Wallpaper Designs, Christmas wallpaper and Wall Candle holders posts.


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