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Books are always in style, whether they’re for reading or just being used for wall decor purposes, and especially right now. They are everywhere this fall, and they certainly do add a large dose of coziness to a room. We have more books than we know what to do with in our house (mainly thanks to my husband), but for those with fewer books (or larger homes!) there are many wallpapers available that are designed to look like bookcases loaded with books of all kinds.

I think it’s a really cute idea, and as an added bonus, displaying “books” this way will definitely cut down on time spent dusting bookshelves. As usual, here are some recent favorites:


London-based Tracy Kendall has designed a large number of award-winning wallpapers, and her “Stacking” collection includes photos of both stacks of plates and books. Some have neat stacks, others a bit messy, there is one with paperbacks (my favorite) and one that shows the text block fore-edge (i.e. the front edge of the pages) of the books, which is a unique take on the theme.

Photos: Tracy Kendall

Ex Libris

The “Ex Libris” from Cole & Son comes in several different colorways, and is definitely not intended to work as a trompe l’oeil; it is clearly an illustration, but a gorgeous one.

Photos: Cole & Son


British design studio Young & Battaglia have two different photo-realistic designs: the vintage bookshelf, and the monochromatic white bookshelf (very Scandinavian decor style, I think).

Photos: Rockett St. George


Deborah Bowness has designed wallpapers for many years now, always with a unique twist. Her work has been commissioned by hotels, restaurants, high-end stores, etc., and can also be seen in many museums. Her wallpapers are printed, then hand painted with watercolors, and the “Book” collection comes in three different designs:

Photos: Deborah Bowness


The “Communication” collection from Mr. Perswall has two, very different, book designs: the “Booked”, which consists of images of torn pages from books, and the “Library”, which shows the spines of books, organized by color.

Photos: Mr. Perswall


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