Wall Clocks – My Favorite Finds

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Functional and decorative, wall clocks come in all shapes, materials and sizes these days.

Regardless of if you’re looking for a classic pendulum model or an ultra-modern wall sticker kind, there are tons of options available. And many are so fun, inventive and chic that they can double as wall decor.

Here are some favorite finds of mine:

1. Pendulum Wall Clocks

When I think of pendulum clocks, what comes to mind first are those traditional, heavy, dark, wooden, ugly (in my opinion) kinds, but there are lots of fun contemporary versions out there too. Just look at these:

1. “Big Swing Time” from Dutch brand Karlsson

2.“Avalon” from English company Roco Verre

3. The George Nelson Glass Bty Parity clock. Gorgeous!

Karlsson Big Swing Time Pendulum ClockAvalon Pendulum ClockGeorge Nelson Pedulum Clock

Photos: 1. Karlsson 2. ContemporaryHeaven 3. Cookware

2. Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks

The old style is quaint and traditional and all that, but I prefer these new takes on the old classic:

1. In their clock “Freebird”, Diamantini & Domeniconi (in collaboration with Fabrica) have let the bird out from its house and he’s now happily perched on top of the clock. 🙂

2. Italian design firm Progretti has quite a few original cuckoo clocks in their collection, but the “CuCuRuKu” is my favorite.

3. This “bungee jumping” clock is unfortunately only a prototype (by designer Jongchul Kim), but it’s such a great idea, I had to include it. The little man comes out of the door, announces the time (at intervals set by the clock-owner) and then jumps.

FreebirdCuCuRuKuBungee-Jumping Clock

Photos: 1. Diamantini & Domeniconi 2. Progretti 3. Jongchul Kim

3. Kids Clocks

1. Yet another fun variation on the cuckoo clock. This one, from Massachusetts-based Heads-up Design Co. features an elephant that appears trumpeting every hour on the hour. Thankfully it has a light sensor which shuts it off when the room is dark.

2. I think the cute hand painted “Bright Kites” clock by WinckNCrane would look great in a nursery.

3. The Moomin clock is just too cute! Designed by Tove Slotte and manufactured by Finnish porcelain company Arabia, it’s a functional piece of contemporary art. And for those of us who grew up reading the Moomin books, it brings back many happy memories.

Elephant Cuckoo ClockBright Kites ClockMoomin wall clock

Photos: 1. HeadsUp Design Company   2. WinckNCrane   3. Finnish Design Shop

4. Kitchen Wall Clocks

1. How cute is the spoon and fork wall clock by George Nelson?

2. This Any Warhol-inspired Can & Whisk clock, where the whisk is the pendulum, is designed by Steve Buss and made out of an actual soup can. Talk about creative recycling!

3. Novelty clocks are always fun, but I think the classic “1845” clock with a timer from Bengt Ek is my favorite. That retro design is so appealing, and I love the brushed aluminum for a kitchen.

Spoon and Fork wall clockCan and Whisk Wall ClockBengt Ek Kitchen Clock

Photos: 1. Inmod 2. Uncommon goods 3. Bengt Ek Design

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