Wall Candle Holders

Fall is around the corner and the air is getting crisper and the days shorter. Candles are nice any time of year, but I especially like them in the fall and winter, a little bit of cozy comfort in all that darkness and coldness. And they’re perfect when you have company over too. Not only does a dinner party solely lit by candles feel intimate and warm, candle light is also very flattering to everybody’s appearance. Who doesn’t like that?

I have about 2 million tabletop candle holders (a slight exaggeration) so in order to fit more candles in every room, I am now looking to fit some into my other wall decor. Since I prefer minimalistic design in plain colors, I am looking in Sweden (again!).

Scandinavia, by the way, is a great source for anything that has to do with candles, because everybody uses them everywhere there all winter long – in staircases leading up to shops, in ALL restaurants and cafes, on the streets – everywhere. Stockholm is actually quite a magical place in December when it gets dark around 3pm and everybody lights their candles (I imagine Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo are as well, but I now Stockholm is first hand).

Here are a few recent wall candle holder finds (I had a long week, so it’s mostly eye candy):

So simple and so cute, this metal heart with two crystals looks like something you could make yourself (if you’re a handy person).

Photo: Diversemagasinet

This stainless steel candle holder has a really pretty oriental pattern and I love the simplicity of it.

Photo: Lovely Home&Garden

A tad more ornate, this adorable and fun little zinc mini-castle is from Danish Udense

Photo: Pinglan

I seem to be drawn to metal wall candle holders… here is yet another one, this time in rusty sheet metal

Photo: Domoda

And finally, three super simple designs in metal and glass for tea lights. Imagine how cute a whole bunch of these would look on the wall, either in a row or grouped together in a random pattern. Adorable.

Photos: Olsson & Jensen, Differentdesign.se

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