Unusual Wall Decor – Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

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So many hotel rooms are so bland and boring that you forget what they looked like the minute you walk out the door (and some are so bad you can’t wait to leave). But thankfully not all of them. Some hotels take their interior design to new heights, and create rooms you love to spend time in and tell your friends about.

A perfect example of this is Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark. The whole hotel is an interesting concept: it was created in conjuction with Volkswagen’s launch of a new micro car (the VW Fox 21).

VW commissioned 21 international illustrators, graphic designers, and graffitists to create 61 uniquely designed rooms without telling them what they were promoting (the car).

While the wall decor in some of the rooms may be a tad too much for the faint of heart (some of them would give me nightmares), most are beautiful works of art, and they’re certainly all unique and creative.

Photos: Hotel Fox

Located in the Tivoli neighborhood, right in the city center, the Green Key certified (meaning they are environmentally conscious and carbon-neutral) hotel also have a restaurant (called Sushitreat), a lounge, and a roof terrace.

At check-in, you choose your room based on which Don’t Disturb tag you like, and are then given a choice of Minibar-bags: the Moviebag, the Hangoverbag, the Loversbag or a custom bag, and sent off to your room to enjoy both it and your bagged beverages.

Note: If you don’t like the room once you see it, make sure you go back and let them know immediately. If you walk in, put your bags down, use the bathroom and then decide this room is not for you, you can still switch to another room, but you will be charged a cleaning fee.

In a city (and entire country) full of great design, it’s not easy to stand out, but Hotel Fox is definitely a memorable creation.

BTW, if you’re visiting Copenhagen, don’t miss some of the great showrooms for Danish design (with I adore): the 5-story Danish Design Centre which has rotating exhibitions, a shop and a café; Trip Trap (an all-wooden product shop and showroom); The Danish Museum of Art & Design; and Fritz Hansen, to name a few.

Photos: the Danish Design Centre, Trip Trap and Fritz Hansen

You can also find fabulous items just by strolling around the city and browsing in shops and galleries – in Denmark, great style and local design is everywhere!


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