Unusual Functional Wall Decor

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What comes to mind when you think of functional wall décor? A coat rack or medicine cabinet, perhaps? Those items certainly fall under that description, but we have found some that are a little bit more out of ordinary:

1. The Pocket Wall by Maja Ganszyniec

This elastic wallpaper by Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec has a decidedly futuristic look but not only that: it doubles as storage! Hang things like hooks and sunglasses right in the holes, or stuff larger items in one of the pockets.

This wallpaper is genius for an entrance – just create a “don’t leave the house without these” pocket and put everything in it that you need to bring with you every time you go out.

Photos: Maja Ganszyniec

2. SHINE by Electrolux

Launched at Eurocucine in Milan this spring, the wall-mounted Shine is definitely the smallest washing machine I’ve ever seen. Designed to fit in our shrinking living spaces, the Scandinavian-sleek stylish machine comes in two versions: wall mounted and freestanding.

The door has a circle of light (seen from a distance, these machines could easily be mistaken for unusual wall sconces) which both acts as lighting and an indication of how far along the wash cycle is. When you start a load (I have not been able to find any information about capacity), a small portion of the circle lights up and keeps lighting up in a clockwise manner (like a clock). Once it’s done, the circle is complete. Electrolux’s Industrial Design Manager (Fabric Care) Calum Armstrong says “This not only creates nice ambient lighting, but also provides a more emotional connection to the washing cycle.”

Photos: Electrolux

3. Sound-Absorbing Art by Soundab

These wall panels not only look good, they help reduce echo and reverberation by absorbing irritating mid and high end frequencies, making for clearer, crisper sound in your home (and possibly happier neighbors). The panels from Soundab come in many different designs – photography, vintage and modern art, and panels in various designs that can cover an entire wall. But if you don’t see anything you like, you can use your own art or photos.

Photos: Soundab

4. Anger Releasers by Maja Ganszyniec

These “Anger Releasers” have a ceramic front and hollow inner space. Maja says “they are objects meant to be smashed in a moment of anger to release the tension and prevent its accumulation. The act of destruction is purgatory; also the ritual of cleaning up generated mess is therapeutic.” I don’t know about therapeutic, but having to clean it up may make you think twice before punching something again!

Photos: Maja Ganszyniec

5. Decorative Display Frame from Cox & Cox

This one does not have the “wow that’s crazy” factor, but it is oh so pretty. This carved wooden box from Cox & Cox, one of my new favorite online shops, is perfect for storing/displaying anything special. And it’s so easy to switch things out whenever you feel like changing the décor a bit. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Photo: Cox & Cox

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