Orange Wallpaper

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Some people can’t stand orange; others can’t get enough of it. It is a strong color that can be overwhelming in large quantities, but super chic and fun in smaller doses and as an accent.

The name “orange” was used for the fruit in the 1300s already, but as a description of color, it supposedly first appeared at King Henry VIII’s court in the early 1500s. Before that, what we know as the color orange was described as yellow-red.

Orange has a seemingly endless list of positive powers. It symbolizes friendship, humor, creativity, abundance, feast, action, adventure, sensuality, happiness, success, courage, optimism, well-being, strength, kindness, vitality, amiability, intellect, authority, harmony, passion, joy, warmth, enthusiasm, charm, compassion, motivation, etc.

In chromotherapy, orange is used to combat anorexia (it is supposedly an appetite-enhancer, good to know if you’re trying to lose weight), depression, mental illness, arteriosclerosis, etc. It helps to increase energy and frees the mind and body.

It is the color of the second (sacral) chakra (known as Svadisthana¬ in Sanskrit), which is associated with sensuality, emotions, desire, procreation, intimacy and creativity. It is also connected with the lower back, sacrum, hips, genitals, bladder, kidneys and womb.

But use orange in moderation. In chromo and chakra therapy, it is believed that too much of it can make a person pessimistic, self centered and overly materialistic. It can also cause fatigue, arrogance, and over-indulgence.

Now, on to the wallpaper. I personally really like the color orange, but to me, an entire orange room is too much. A focal wall and accents provide the perfect dose for me. The wallpapers in today’s post all work well both on focal walls and, for those who will brave it, all walls (or perhaps the ceiling?) in a room.

Black And Orange

A combination that immediately brings Halloween to mind, but it was also popular in Art Deco (for more, see my Retro Wallpaper post). It’s a chic and retro color combo that works really well in the right home. I personally think the bolder patterns would look out of place in a cute country cottage or royal castle, but in an urban loft or condo, or modern villa, they would be fabulous.

1. “Retro Wonderland” by Tres Tintas Barcelona
2. “Alvorada” by Kravitz Design (through Flavor Paper)
3. “Argu” from Bolagret
4. “Spiral orange” by Angela Cameron

Pink And Orange

A bold color combo that brings to mind the 70s. No matter how subtly you combine pink and orange, the result will be loud and definitely not for the faint of heart.

1. “Temple Tulips” by Amy Butler
2. Vintage 1970s wallpaper from Interior1900
3. “Bohemian Floral” from Candice Olson’s kids collection
4. “Flot” from Intrade

Brown And Orange

One of my favorite orange color combinations, and quite suitable as wall decor. Depending on the design, it can look soothing and cozy, hip and retro or urban and chic.

1. “Bombay Brun” by Lena Hautoniemi
2. Optical pattern from Moda
3. “Velusa” from Wallpaper from the 70s
4. “Mod Ogee” from Studio 465

Patterns For The Brave

This category is for those who like their walls to be the focal point of the room, not just a surface to hang pictures on. I like all of these, but perhaps more as framed art or wrapping paper than wallpaper…

1. “Kreise Retro” from Wohn Zimmer
2. “Sixty-Eight” by Nama Rococo
3. “Foxy” by Studio Nommo
4. “Balleroy – Berlington” by Manuel Canovas

Wallpaper with Orange Accents

A nice way to get a splash of orange on the wall for those who hesitate to cover an entire room in orange (or worry that they will become self absorbed and arrogant!) is to get a wallpaper with a solid base color and orange accents.

1. “Dandelion clocks” by Sanderson
2. “Hanako” by Sandberg
3. “Columbia Heights” by Twenty2
4. “Essex Rose” original design by CFA Voysey (early 1900s), reproduction from Trustworth Studios


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