Green Wallpaper

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These days, when you see the word “green” in combination with anything, you immediately think environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. I’m sure I’ll write a post about those kinds of wallpapers too eventually, but this one is all about the color green.

Green is a color with both positive and negative connotations (green thumb, greenback, green with envy, green around the gills) and has long been associated with toxicity. On the upside, it also symbolizes harmony, prosperity, stability, reliability, understanding and perseverance. It comes in a myriad of shades and variations, and it’s one of my favorite colors.

It’s kind of funny that green is so closely connected with a healthy environment these days – it used to be quite the opposite. People have produced green pigments since ancient times, but many of the early ones were very toxic. We’ve all seen copper turn green with age, and this verdigris was one of the substances used to produce copper salts known as Paris Green (other names are Imperial Green, Schweinfurt Green, Emerald Green, Vienna Green, Parrot Green, Mitis Green, Veronese green, Pigment Green 21). Paris Green was widely used as a green pigment in artist’s paints and wallpaper (as well as in animal poison and insecticide). These paints contained high levels of arsenic, and some theorize that green wallpaper killed Napoleon Bonaparte, and that the emerald green pigment Monet frequently used was one of the contributing causes of his blindness.

To this day, you can find artist’s paints that contain highly toxic green pigment, but thankfully, there are non-toxic alternatives as well. A safe green pigment widely used today is Phthalocyanine Green which can be found in inks, plastics, coatings, etc.

Now, onto the green wallpaper finds:

Wild Flora
I have featured Anna French before on this blog (in my blue wallpaper post), I love her designs, always colorful and bold. This lime green wallpaper with purple flowers is just that, and in a room furnished just right for it, it would be fabulous.

Photos: Anna French

Viennese Trees
This gorgeous geometric light green wallpaper called “Viennese Trees” by Adelphi is a hand printed reproduction of an original 1920s print by Josef Hillerbrand, a german designer whose works can be found in many museums (for more wallpaper from the 20s, check out my Retro Wallpaper post).

Photo: Adelphi

Amore di Colore
The Amore di Colore collection consists, as you would guess, of extremely vibrant and colorful designs. This pink and green wallpaper is (in my opinion) one of their most daring color combinations, but it works, creating a wall decor that is fun, bright, whimsical and modern and classic at the same time.


This dark green wallpaper with purple flowers comes from Tres Tintas Barcelona’s Déjà vu collection. It certainly has a retro feel, and is designed by Sophie Leblanc, a French artist who has done illustrations for clients such as Elle à Paris, Marie-Claire, Montblanc and Lacoste.

Photo: Tres Tintas Barcelona

Also, don’t miss the moss wallpaper in my Unusual Wallpaper Designs post – it is green in every sense of the word.


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