Get Semi-Personalized Room Decorating Ideas

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I was recently trying to come up with some new ideas for decorating a room and happened upon a fun HomeGoods quiz. It was created by Deborah Needleman, who was the editor of one of my all-time favorite magazines: the much missed Domino (thank goodness I subscribed while they were still in publication), so you know you’re going to get some good tips.

Before you even get started, Deborah shares a great piece of advice that I wholeheartedly agree with: only surround yourself with items you love. Granted, unless you live alone, most of us have to compromise on that a bit, but I try to follow that rule as much as possible…

I can never resist a good quiz and got started immediately. The questions range from what you do the last few minutes before guests arrive, favorite colors, ideal way to spend an evening, to preferred furniture styles. I ended up being a Global Modern which I think is spot on, and it also said my “happy place” is my patio – absolutely true! I got some great outdoor living room decorating ideas which was fabulous (as you may have seen in the Outdoor Fabric post, I adore outdoor spaces that feel like a room in a house).

I wasn’t totally on board with my “happy home colors” – that dark mustardy yellow is one of my least favorite colors (but I do like orange, and my kitchen is painted in almost exactly the yellow shade of the upper middle swatch – very cheerful). All in all, I was very pleased with the results, and thankful for the great advice.

Try it out for yourself here!


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