Cute, Stylish And Funny Wall Quotes

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In the past few years, using vinyl stickers as wall decor has become hugely popular all over the world.

And it is a genius idea: they’re inexpensive, you can use them as tiny accent pieces or cover an entire wall (or ceiling);  most are so easy to put up a child can do it; they’re removable so you’re able to change your decor in an instant; and there are so many designs to choose from that anybody can find something they like.

Today however, we’re focusing on wall quotes decals. Quotes have of course been popular since ancient times, and we still use many of them (Veni, vidi, vici, Carpe Diem, etc.). Many sites also let you design your own – you just type in your text and select the size and color you want. Super easy and you get something that’s truly unique.

I also wanted to mention here for those who are planning their wedding (Congratulations!) that there are also special wedding wall (and floor) quotes, and you can customize them as well.

As usual, I have selected some of my favorites:

Nursery Wall Quotes

Counting Sheep Wall Quote

1. This “counting sheep” decal is just too cute! It’s available in 2 different sizes and 43 colors from Belvedere Designs.

Petit Princesse wall quoteOnce upon a time wall quote
2. Adorable and educational (in the sense that your children will learn a phrase in French), this princess quote designed by Mia Svensson would look great in any little girl’s room.

Dreams come a size too big wall quote3. The “once upon a time” by Cool Art Design is such a classic I had to include it.

4. I love this “Dreams” wall quote, very inspirational, even for adults and adorable as baby nursery decor. By VinylLettering (Etsy)

For more on nurseries, check out my “Baby Nursery Decor” and “Wall Art Stickers” posts.

Photos: Belvedere Designs, Stilcompaniet, Cool Art Vinyl, VinylLettering

Understated Cursive Quotes

Just a few words or a short sentence in cursive writing makes for such a nice design element in pretty much any room. I love the idea of putting them in a corner, so they “spill over” to the next wall. I also love to use quotes in other languages, even if I don’t speak or understand that particular language.

1. This gorgeous Scandinavian room looks fantastic with a custom made quote in a gorgeous font (I believe it’s “Cezanne”).
2. Adorable quotes in French from designer Jeanne Boyer.
3. Futurum Nobis Est, another design by Swedish Mia Svensson. I like the idea of light colored letters on a dark wall – very stylish.
4. This Norwegian quote, designed by Erika Hermander, roughly translates as “love does not see through the eyes but through the soul”

We Know What We Are Wall QuoteJeanne Boyer Wall QuotesKjaerligheten Wall Quote

Photos: Vä, Jeanne Boyer, Stilcompaniet, My First Room

Quotes That Make You Smile

There are many that are meant to be funny but in my opinion are only crude and not something I would like to put on my walls. I much prefer things like these:

1. This Dirty Harry classic from Cool Art Design makes me smile every time I see it.
2. Another classic, this time from Scarface (designed by Filip Svensson)
3. Oscar Wilde said many brilliant and funny things, and this one from Design Divas Gallery (Etsy) is of my favorites

Photos: Cool Art Vinyl, Stilcompaniet, DesignDivasGallery

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