Awesome Metal Art For The Walls

Metal wall art can be so many things – purely ornamental wall decor, illuminating, informative, reflective, warming, functional, etc.

Today’s post has a little bit of everything and incorporates vintage, functional and solely decorative pieces, and without further ado, here they are:


First out are these great vintage mid-century modern pieces by Curtis Jere. C. Jere is the pseudonym for artists Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels who worked together and created a huge variety of metal sculptures from the late 50s to the early 70s. I’m not crazy about all their designs, but love the “raindrops” as well as their starburst and tree sculptures. Today, their works are sought after collectors’ items that sell for thousands of dollars.

Photos: 1stdibs, Saratoga

Happy Happy Bow

The Happy Happy bow, made from aluminum and with a diameter of roughly 31.5″, is designed by London artist Stephen Johnson (who also makes the most adorable animal sculptures). Stephen says his art has”no physical use value” but rather “fulfilling emotional needs like humour and nostalgia”. A big shiny bow on the wall certainly makes me smile.

Photos: Shopatthesavoy, Trendbloggen

Barbara Gilhooly

I love the metal art sculptures (and paintings) by Minnesota artist Barbara Gilhooly. She creates these wonderful pieces from annealed metal, salvaged and found items. Not only are they beautiful, they also create the most interesting shadows on the walls.

Photos: Barbara Gilhooly

Light Switches

Perhaps not what first comes to mind of when you think of metal art, but I think the gorgeous light switch covers and light switches from Spanish company Fontini definitely qualify as such. Retro-inspired pieces that would look great in almost any setting, I can see them in a country cottage or hip urban loft. The “Dimbler” series is made from porcelain and brass, the “Venezia” has wooden, brass (in several colors) or porcelain frames, and the “Collection 1950” is all brass.

Photos: Fontini

Marie Louise Kold

Danish artist Marie Louise Kold works in copper, brass and bronze, using a unique technique she developed which inolves etching and different acids. Her pieces has been in many exhibits and can be found in private collections and as installations all over the world. Her work is abstract, sometimes incorporating words (in Danish), and sometimes a nude. She also makes portraits out of tiny copper squares, and has a line called “touch” which can be both displayed on the wall and used as jewelry (pendants on necklaces).

Photos: Marie Louise Kold

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