All About Dachshunds – “Together” By Lisa Bengtsson

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Lisa Bengtsson is one of those designers that always manage to surprise and delight with her unexpected and unique creations. Lisa studied graphic design at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, and after graduating, she started her own business. She was an instant success, and today, she is able to live her dream – designing and spending time with her family.

I have long been a fan of her work (I have written about her before on this blog, in the Cool Wall Decor From Sweden & Norway and Nature Wallpaper posts), and her latest line does not disappoint.

The brilliant “Together” (“Tillsammans” in Swedish) collection consists of wallpaper, prints, oilcloth, fabric and pillows featuring twelve different “portraits” of adorable dachshunds (each with their own name, like Ulrika Eleonora, Candy, Petter, etc.). The dog images are based on a photo she bought at a flea market, and they are wearing items like crowns, big bows, glasses, and wigs, but the base image of the dog remains the same.

Lisa says Together is a study in similarities and differences, depending on how a certain item is seen by the viewer. Her inspiration came from her young twin boys; she is fascinated by how they are identical, yet very different individuals.

The dog wallpaper comes in blue, gold and and a gorgeous dark burgundy. It is designed it to look like a regular medallion wallpaper from a distance, but when you look closer, you discover the tiny portraits.

The fabric is a cotton/linen blend and comes in blue and gold, and the same is true for the pillows.

The prints come in two different sizes; a larger one perfect as wall decor, and a smaller version where the prints can also be used as postcards. There is also a special collection of 6 prints Lisa designed for the Save The Children foundation (Radda Barnen), where the dachshunds are wearing different headpieces symbolizing various nationalities (all proceeds from these prints support the foundation).

Photos: Duo Fotografi, Studio Lisa Bengtsson


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