Adorable Wooden Shelves From Ferm Living

Just the other day, I came across these adorable little house-shaped wall wooden shelves from Ferm Living (which happens to be one of my favorite stores for funky wallpaper designs, tea towels, vinyl wall art and decor in general – everything they sell is fabulous!).

The shelves are made from oak (smoked oak, no less) and come with five different colored backs (in wonderful muted hues) in three different sizes (12” by 12”, 14” or 16”). So they’re small, but not too small to be functional.

Hang just one, or create a little skyline on the wall. They work in pretty much any room of the house, and especially where you have things you need constant access to or want to display, like pretty tea cans in the kitchen, vintage clocks in the living room, a holding place in the foyer for small items needed when you leave in the morning, a place for toothbrushes in the bathroom, etc.

They also have an entire display shelf “house” called the “Dorm” which comes in two different sizes (13”x20” and 20”x30”) and two background colors:

And these are not shelves, but I love them and had to include them as well: the house-shaped oak cutting boards in four sizes, inspired by Copenhagen’s rooftops (Ferm Living is a Danish company). Definitely something I’d love to keep on display in the kitchen rather than stacking in a cabinet. I think they would look great all lined up on a shelf – talk about functional wall decor.

All photos: Ferm Living

For more from Ferm Living, see my Nature WallpaperWall Art Stickers, and Wall Art And Decor posts.

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3 Responses to Adorable Wooden Shelves From Ferm Living

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