5 Unusual Wall Mirrors

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People have enjoyed looking at their reflection since the beginning of time. Historians think the first “mirrors” were likely pools of water, and I would have loved to be there when the first person ever saw his or her reflection. I wonder what they were thinking? I know the first time my dog saw herself in the mirror, it was adorable. She did the classic dog thing of looking around the back to see where the other dog was. So cute.

Anyway, mirrors as we know them (glass coated with metallic silver through a chemical process) were not invented until 1835. Before that, people used obsidian and stone, and later a variety of metals (silver, bronze, tin, copper, etc.) polished to a reflective sheen. With the discovery of glass blowing in the 14th century came a new style of mirror (convex glass) and in the 16th century, a new technique was invented: flat glass sheets backed with a blend of tin and mercury.

But you probably didn’t stop by for history lecture, so let’s get on to the fun stuff: the mirrors. We have certainly come a long way from trying to groom ourselves with the help of the reflection in a pool of water. These days, mirrors are multi-tasking pieces that double as wall decor, radios, lights and even cell phones (in a way).

There was a mirror on the market a few years ago that actually received SMS messages. When you approached the mirror, any incoming SMSs would be displayed across the surface! It was only made in a very limited edition (I think 100 mirrors or so) and sold for $10,000. Naturally, they sold out quickly, so it’s not on my list below, but here are some awesome finds currently available on the market:

1. Satellight

These awesome mirrors by Duffy London also double as wall lights. Tiny holes (based on satellite images) lets the light on the back shine through, creating an image of the UK & Republic of Ireland just the way they look from space at night.

Photos: Duffy London

2. The Royal Mirror

See yourself wearing a crown every time you look in the mirror! This fun idea comes from designer Anouk Jansen of Jansen+co, a Dutch design company based in Amsterdam. The printed crown is decorated with with real diamonds and pearls!

Photos: Jansen+co

3. Narcisse Spline

The cheekily named “Narcisse” is an entire series of decorative wall mirrors in usual shapes from French company “Domestic”. The Spline, my favorite, was created by renowned French designer Matali Crasset and is a truly unique take on a mirror. It is laser cut and attaches to the wall with adhesive on the back.

Photo: Domestic

4. The Innova

Spanish company Roca came up with these genius bathroom wall mirrors. Not only do they look good in a minimalist sort of way, they also have a built-in light fixture, FM radio, anti-mist system (activated when the light is switched on), clock, thermometer, and you can hook your iPod up to it as well!

Photo: Roca

5. Stellar

Huge, heavy (88 lbs!) and totally glam, the Stellar mirror from British designer Jake Phipps is brand new and is only offered in a limited edition of 25. The center is surrounded by 750 cut, diamond-inspired, mirror sections, which makes the whole thing glitter and change color hue throughout the day as the light hits it from different directions.

Also see my Warming Metal Wall Decor post for a mirror that doubles as a radiator, and the Full Moon mirror in the Wall Lights post.


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