5 Creative Coat Hook Designs

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With a little bit of creativity and effort, everything functional can be made into a unique design feature (as we have seen before in the Warming metal wall decor, Wooden shelves and Wall lamp posts for example) – even something as utilitarian as coat hooks.

Here are some favorite finds:


What looks like the aftermath of a fit of rage is actually a wall coat hook. The knife hooks from TC Studio are made from polyurethane and screw right into the wall. There is also a fridge magnet version in shiny rhodium-coated plastic.

Photos: TC Studio


Wall decor and hooks all in one, these awesome (and somewhat educational if you don’t know French or Latin) metal coat hook racks come from Italian photographer and designer Jody Mattioli of Zero Zero Design.

Photos: Zero Zero Design

Continuous Line

This reminds me of the hilarious animated series La Linea by the brilliant Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli. The award winning metal “Line” from Turkish designer Aykut Erol is a bookshelf, wine rack, TV stand, light, table, CD rack and coat hanger all in one. Perfect for those narrow apartment hallways.

Photos: Aykut Erol


The City coat hook rack by Michael Rösing/Radius Design has 19 hooks and comes in 17 different skyline designs (London, New York, Zurich, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, etc.).

Photos: Radius Design


The “Traffic Jam” wall coat hook rack by Serbian designer Vukašin Vukobratovic comes with signs both for private homes and public spaces. Perfect for those with huge homes, for special parties in a rented space, or when you have guests over for the first time.

Photos: Vukašin Vukobratovic

For more creative wall hooks, also see the Wall Art Stickers post, and don’t miss the great diy chevron hook project.


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